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Sketchbook UlquixHime kiss by Moonshield4
Sketchbook UlquixHime kiss
Hasn't it been a while since I've drawn anything Ulquiorra related? Boy how I've wanted to draw a kissy scene of UlquixHime since forever but never thought I'd draw it well enough. Happy with how this turned out.

Tried to make this seem as believable as possible. I tend to have issues with a lot of romantic UlquixHime stuff I see, because a lot of it tends to make Ulquiorra act out of character. If he had been able to interact more with Orihime in the manga/anime, it would probably take him a looong time before he could express romantic feelings/tendencies to her. And if he Were to do so, it would be very subtle, even awkward maybe. I cant imagine him making the first move really. I picture Orihime becoming very sympathetic to him and eventually kissing him as a way of introducing humanity and emotion into his heart. He would be shocked by the act, but would realize he did in fact have feelings for her but did not understand what these feelings meant exactly; so while stunned at being kissed, he would then understand and reciprocate, making it a very beautiful and romantic scene :) :) :)

Can't wait to ink this when i get the chance. May actually do it traditionally since Im currently taking an advanced inking class at SCAD
Commission: Malena and Ka'Milla by Moonshield4
Commission: Malena and Ka'Milla
A commission looong overdue that a friend and I had talked about over two years ago I think. Compared to the original drawing I made, this one is much improved...which is good news to me.
These are 2 of their original characters: Malena on the left  instructing orders/plans to the vampirish Ka'Milla on the right.

Hope you like it!

I finally discovered what it is that inspires me to draw, especially what it is that made me do all that fanart I used to do. When I read manga, watch anime, I want to draw my favorite characters, who doesnt, right? Yet for the past 3 years I had lost interest in manga and anime, therefore I had no inspiration/motivation to draw.
Well, that's changed as of late. I've acquired a renewed love for some of my old favorites such as Vampire Knight, and Sonic the Hedghog, and some new ones as well. Now that I'm on break, I hope I can create some works like I used to for you guys.
Louie by Moonshield4
Another assignment in my Character Design and Storyboarding for Animation class (SCAD)
Choose a live action tv show and turn 4 characters into an 'animatable' cartoon-y style.

I don't watch much live action tv, and the only one I watch with any consistent, recurring characters is the BRILLIANT comedy-drawing tv series Louie. Written, directed, edited and starring the amazing comedian Louie CK...also my hero.

Left to right:
-Louie CK
-Lily (daughter)
-Jane (Daughter)

By the way, TheSpiderBane is my tumblr name, follow me if you like!
West Wars by Moonshield4
West Wars
Assignment for my Character Design and Storyboarding for Animation class. (SCAD)
Draw Star Wars characters in an old west period.

From left to right:
-R2-D2 (spittoon)
-Han Solo, as basically himself
-Chewbacca as a Native American and sheep dog
-Boba Fett

I've never drawn anything Star Wars related in my life, in fact I've only see one of the movies D: But I still had fun!

By the way TheSpiderBane is my tumblr! Follow me if you like!
Despair and other Feelings by Moonshield4
Despair and other Feelings
It's strange. I only ever feel creative, imaginative and artistic when going through a depressive phase. Otherwise I feel numb and carefree. But I cannot always afford to prolong depression for the sake of art as I become quite intolerable to be around and so it's best for me to be alone yet I'm almost never able to be. (It might explain for the lack of activity.)
I guess this is how I picture despair, emptiness and isolation.

Indeed, artists suffer for their work.
Ah yes, I think my old fire has reignited. Suddenly I'm pumped to start drawing for dA again.

I had been going through a depressive phase that lasted for about 2 years which caused me to lose interest in the things that once interested me, like anime, manga, and being constantly inspired by others' artwork.

I think I needed to start anew with a different manga series, I needed to refresh myself.
Currently the manga that has its grips on me is predictably enough Attack on Titan. Just thing thing I needed to bring me back into the realm of art that I've always enjoyed and that had continually inspired my artworks....even if it is just petty, superficial fanart...heh.
I know my watchers will like nothing else of mine really, right? In fact, I bet if I uploaded anything Other than Ulquiorra or Kankuro, my watchers would care less....ahhh, under it, haha.
Whatever, I'm just saying that my inactivity for the past few years should be coming to an end here soon.
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Tasha Waddell
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Favourite genre of music: Progressive metal, Black Metal, Death/doom, melodic death metal
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga/comics. High Renaissance, Baroque.
Favourite cartoon character: Ulquiorra, Kankuro, Shadow, Reiner.
Quote: “Hey, maybe something nice will happen.”…Why the fuck would anything nice ever happen?"…

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